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Asset 15
Founded in 1995

The EMS Group is a partnership of three family-owned insurance agencies.

Committed to Western New York with over 100 years of licensed experience and over $225 Million in assets under management, EMS Wealth Management is a full-service financial firm with a broad range of specialties including personal financial planning, 401(k) & employer sponsored retirement plans, estate planning and insurance products.

$225+ Million

Assets Under Management

100 years

of serving WNY

8 Advisors

Dedicated & Experienced

5 Offices

around WNY


Working With Us

This is a common question.  Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter if you have $1,000 to your name, or $5 million- everyone could use a financial advisor to either assist getting you on the right track, or protecting your current assets.  Our job is to help educate you on the options available.

Just like with our Property & Casualty business, we are Independent Financial Advisors- meaning we are not tied to any particular company or product.  We work to find the best product that suits your financial needs. We aren’t driven by sales goals or contests. Our broker/dealer is Cadaret Grant, based out of Syracuse, NY.

Depending on the platform that best fits your needs and the funds or product you decide is best for you, the minimum could range from $250 – $50k.  There is no cost for a consultation with one of our licensed financial advisors to review your current plan or how the process will work.

Transparency is so important to us, but we offer two main ways to pay for the services we offer:

-Managed or “Fee Based” account:  percentage of assets in the account comes out quarterly and shows on your statements.

-Commission Based: A or C Shares.  These fees seem like “hidden fees”- but we aren’t hiding anything.  The fees come out of the return from the funds you are invested in. We will discuss in full detail on how this works when we sit down.

This is completely up to you as the investor.  Some clients like to meet on a quarterly basis, while others only like to meet once a year.  Depending on your situation we can meet as frequently as you’d like.